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At this moment when Premier League fans are all celebrating and happy, it is still necessary to wash and calm down a little bit. The first sentence of the Premier League official statement indicates that June 17 is a provisional restart date. The premise is that all security requirements can be met. In other words, the date given now is not the final plan, and the specific implementation rules will need to be voted at the collective meeting next Thursday (June 4) before it can be formally determined.


In other words, there are still variables in whether the rematch on June 17 is still possible, and even if the two rematches that started on June 17 go on smoothly, if a new round of group infection is caused by the rematch, then there may still be a second interruption or even a second interruption. Cancel the season directly.


According to British media reports, in the meeting on June 4, the so-called Plan B, which is the backup plan for directly canceling the season, will also be added to the agenda for voting, including the ones that everyone is most concerned about. Once the season is cancelled, the champion will be There will also be a clear solution to issues related to the future fate of each team, such as Champions League qualification and relegation quota.

据英国媒体报道,在6月4日的会议上,所谓的“计划B”(即直接取消本赛季的备用计划)也将被添加到投票议程中,其中包括大家最关心的问题。 。取消赛季后,冠军将成为冠军。对于与每支球队未来命运有关的问题,也将有明确的解决方案,例如冠军联赛资格和降级额度。

So, Liverpool, can't be happily too early...


If everything is still pending, then the only certainty is that all games in the remaining season will be empty, and it is not ruled out that the "empty order" will be extended to the next season based on the epidemic control situation.


Although empty games are nothing new nowadays, before the suspension of Serie A, Juventus and Inter Milan's Serie A "national derby" have already implemented empty games. But an empty field means that there is no live cheering from the home audience. In this case, the so-called home field advantage basically disappears. Fans will ridicule this. It is an epic weakening for those hot home teams, and among them Including the leader Liverpool’s home stadium, Anfield, Anfield has always been regarded as the famous "Devil's Home" in Europe, especially the chanting of "Never Walk Alone" is really helpful to the morale of the team.


From the perspective of the Bundesliga rematch, only in the 28th round that just ended this week, the home team won only two of the 9 games, and the other major "devil's home" Westfalen Stadium The wheel was also captured by Bayern. According to statistics, since the Bundesliga open rematch, the away team’s winning percentage has increased from 35% to 44% compared to before the rematch, which is close to a 10% increase in winning percentage. In a sense, this percentage of winning is a gain in home field advantage. effect.


However, even if the stadium is empty, there are still hidden dangers of group infection. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan warned about this, saying that fans should be restricted from gathering in public places to cheer for the home team. Therefore, the neutral game was put on the agenda.

但是,即使体育场是空的,仍然存在团体感染的隐患。伦敦市长萨迪克·汗(Sadiq Khan)警告了这一点,他说应该限制球迷在公共场所聚集,为主队加油。因此,中立游戏已提上日程。

In order to avoid a large-scale gathering of fans, choosing a neutral ground is a practical solution. For example, in the City of London, which has the most Premier League teams, various London derbys are likely to move to a neutral stadium. For example, the media disclosed that Arsenal and Tottenham’s North London derby will be played at the London Bowl, while Tottenham’s match with West Ham will be moved to the former’s temporary home stadium at Wembley, once rented short-term.


Moreover, for safety reasons, the British police specifically named 6 matches, and Liverpool’s matches accounted for half. Interestingly, they included Liverpool’s next round of Merseyside Derby. It is said that this The Mershire Derby will be transferred to Manchester City’s home stadium, the Etihad Stadium. If this plan is confirmed, then there may be a situation: if Arsenal defeated in the make-up match tentatively scheduled for June 17 Manchester City, and Liverpool defeated Everton in Etihad in the next round, which means that Liverpool will win the championship in Manchester early. This will be a very dramatic result. But the premise is that Arsenal can score 3 points on Blue Moon. The gunner said: Excuse me...

此外,出于安全原因,英国警方专门命名了6支火柴,而利物浦的火柴占了一半。有趣的是,他们包括利物浦的下一轮默西塞德德比。据说,这把Mershire Derby将被转移到曼彻斯特城的主场阿提哈德球场。如果这一计划得到确认,那么可能会出现这样的情况:如果阿森纳在6月17日曼城暂定的化妆比赛中被击败,而利物浦在下一轮击败阿提哈德的埃弗顿,则意味着利物浦将在曼彻斯特早。这将是一个非常戏剧性的结果。但是前提是阿森纳可以在蓝月亮上得到3分。枪手说:对不起...

In addition, it is also interesting that the police also pointed out that Liverpool's confirmed victory should also be played in a neutral position. As the result of the current match between Arsenal and Manchester City is unknown, every next game of Liverpool, which leads by 25 points, may become a cup-winning battle, which means that all games after the Red Army may not be held at home.

此外,有趣的是,警方还指出,利物浦的获胜胜利也应保持中立。由于目前阿森纳和曼城之间的比赛结果未知,利物浦的下一场比赛(每场领先25分)可能会成为一场杯赛冠军,这意味着红军之yabo亚博网站首页后的所有比赛都可能不在主场举行。 。

In this regard, the Red Army generals may say: Is it wrong to have a good record?


According to the announcement by the Premier League, the remaining 92 games will be broadcast on TV, and in order to finish the remaining games as soon as possible, the schedule will be arranged every day, that is, there will be games from Monday to Sunday.


For the majority of Premier League fans, this will be a "new ship" experience you have never experienced before. You are bored during the three months of no matches, and there are matches every day in the Premier League semi-finals, which may make you vomit. .

对于大多数英超联赛球迷来说,这将是您从未体验过的“新船”体验。在没有比赛的三个月中,您很无聊,而且在英超半决赛中每天都有比赛,这可能会让您呕吐。 。

For each team, this is also a challenge to the depth of the lineup. Each team and even the relegation team will experience the feeling of a strong team often in double or even three matches a week. However, the good news is that after three months of offseason, many of the team’s wounded have recovered, especially Tottenham, who had been full of injuries, experienced epic enhancements during the offseason. The four generals in the team have recovered. Sun Xingmin, Kane, Sissoko and Belwyn all announced their return from injury, which gave them more confidence, who were not optimistic about the situation in the fourth quarter.


Especially the star Kane is already ready to go. The Englishman posted a photo of himself roaring in training on his personal social platform, with the text, "Football is back soon" (Football is back soon) ). It seems that the players are ready to meet the intensive schedule.


It was said before that the rematch may cause a mass infection of fans due to large-scale gatherings, but in fact, players face greater risks. Fans can at least wear masks, but players can't do it during games. The situation of the players in the Premier League teams is not completely optimistic.


In the first round of the Premier League’s first round of all viral nucleic acid tests, 6 people were positive, and in the second round, 2 people were positive. Shortly before the Premier League announced the rematch, Watford officially announced that three people in the team were positive. One is a player and the other two are staff. For this reason, some players in the team refused to participate in training, and the "Bumblebees" are therefore one of the teams that have the most objection to the rematch arrangement. They do not oppose the rematch, but think it is necessary There are further guarantees on security issues.


Among them, Captain Dini once said that the rematch is not reassuring, because he has a child who was just five months old, and he is worried that he will be infected with the virus due to the rematch and infect his children. Dini also suffered online violence as a result. Some netizens left a message directly to him expressing the hope that his children would be infected with the new crown virus. The rematch caused some players not just on the court.


Because the situation of each team is different, there is no guarantee that all teams will be able to get rid of the impact of the virus before the rematch. If a team is unable to control the epidemic and causes a large area of ​​infection and loses the ability to play, then The semi-finals cannot be achieved, and everything planned now may be ruined. The health of the players is still the biggest hidden danger facing the official semi-finals of the Premier League.


I believe all fans believe that Liverpool should be the most eager team in Europe during the offseason, perhaps none of them, because they are only one step away from the first Premier League championship. This champion trumps everything for them. And if they can continue the momentum before the offseason, they will be expected to break many records in the history of the Premier League, such as the highest points in a single season in history, such as the biggest difference between the championship and runners-up.


So once this season is forced to end early, as long as they fail to secure the championship, even if they still maintain a double-digit point difference, awarding them a championship will be considered watery, and for their first championship in team history In terms of feelings, there will be shortcomings.


So after the Premier League rematch, the famous Thai football cartoonist Justtoonit took Liverpool for his first work. The inside Klopp slid to celebrate with the text "Finally Back"...

因此,在英超联赛复赛后,著名的泰国足球漫画家Justtoonit带着利物浦进行了他的第一部作品。内部的克洛普滑行以庆祝“ Finally Back”文字...

Therefore, because the situation facing the rematch is not clear, the Red Army still cannot slack off because of the huge advantage. They must strive to win every game and lock the league champion in advance before the possible second interruption, so that no matter what happens In this case, they can proudly celebrate the first championship in team history.



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