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Tiger Fighting on October 17th Manchester United star, Bruce, currently coaching at Newcastle, talked about the next battle with the Red Devils at the press conference. Bruce first talked about Maguire's recent downturn and expressed his belief that the latter can get out of the predicament. When talking about Manchester United, Bruce said that the defeat of Tottenham will make Manchester United more motivated. In the end, Bruce expressed his sympathy for Sochaux, and coaching at Manchester United meant huge pressure.


Back then, it was Bruce who brought Maguire to Hull. When talking about his former lover, Bruce said: "Maguire is the captain of Manchester United. When you are in trouble and everything around you is against you, the only way you want to get out of the trouble is to face it and use it on the court. In response to his performance."


"I know what kind of person Maguire is. He is a good professional player on the court and a good person off the court.


"From Hull City to Leicester City to Manchester United, he has a very perfect growth trajectory. We may all encounter some difficulties, but the only thing people around can do is to encourage him and continue to give him opportunities , Let him play the game. Only in this way can he gradually come out through the game. He needs to show a stable performance in a game and get back on track again."


"Playing at Manchester United and being the captain of the team means you will be in the spotlight, but he is a strong player. Maguire is a responsible player and is under pressure now For him, he has to prepare in advance to deal with difficulties. I believe he will come out. He has this ability."


Bruce also talked about Manchester United's 1-6 loss to Tottenham, and said that he has some sympathy for Sochaux: "Now the audience can't enter the field, so there is no home court advantage for Manchester United. For us, the same is true. The absence of fans almost means There is no home court advantage."


"And don't forget, they were ten players most of the time in that game.


"The disastrous defeat of Tottenham was a terrible result for them, so we have to be careful this time, and be careful of their determination to make a shame. That game, they must be extremely disappointed and sad, they must want to get rid of this. negative emotion."


"I will sympathize with every Premier League coach because everyone is under pressure. If the result of a game is not satisfactory, you will face tremendous pressure. If you are the Manchester United manager, that is even more so."


"I know Sochaux, he is a determined man and will be determined to bring the team back on track."


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