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   Source of manuscript: Football News






   On the 16th and 21st, Shenzhen Football and TEDA had a two-round duel.


At the beginning of the first stage of the league, Shenzhen Football did not make clear requirements for entering the championship group, but all the coaches and players worked hard and still maintained the chance of entering the championship group in the last round of the first stage league. Therefore, , For the performance of the team in the first stage, the senior management is quite satisfied.


According to statistics, in the first stage of the game, the Shenzhen Kaisa team entered the top three in the league in terms of total running distance, high-intensity runs, steals, etc., with multiple anti-grab data dominant and good ball possession rate. Performance, for example, in the match against Evergrande and Luneng, they still have the advantage. Kaisa Group executives affirmed the players' fighting spirit.


   Deepfoot coach Jr. Cruyff talked about the shortcomings that existed before the deep foot after the first stage. The most important point is the ability to make a goal and the hardness of the defensive end.


On the flight from Shenzhen to Dalian on the 13th, striker Mali and South Korean defender Song Zhuxun sat in close positions. On the plane, the two talked most about technical and tactical issues. Mali, who once played as a central defender in the game, There is still a bit of experience on defense. Mali has gradually recovered, and he will be a sharp edge on the deep foot forward without injury.


   After the Iranian foreign aid Praliganji replaced striker Bifuma in the late stage of the first stage of the league, he formed a double foreign aid central defender combination with South Korean defender Song Zhuxun. After the team re-trained on October 4, during the team training, Praliganji and Song Zhuxun seemed to have become an unbreakable central defender combination. In the past few days of training, Cruyff also focused After rehearsing the defense, Suarez was introduced in Tianjin TEDA, along with the midfielder Ahmedov and another frontcourt player Lima, the strength of the midfielder has been strengthened, and the deep football team also hopes to defend well. On the premise of defensiveness, seek opportunities for offense and increase the possibility of the team getting points.

伊朗外援Praliganji在联赛第一阶段后期取代前锋Bifuma之后,他与韩国后卫Song Zhuxun组成了双重外援中央后卫组合。在10月4日对球队进行再训练之后,在球队训练期间,普拉利甘吉和宋祝勋似乎已经成为牢不可破的中后卫组合。在过去几天的训练中,克鲁伊夫还集中精力。在排练防守之后,苏亚雷斯与中场球员艾哈迈德夫和另一位前场球员利马一起被引进天津泰达,中场球员的实力得到了加强,并且深厚的足球队也希望保卫好。在防守的前提下,寻求进攻机会,增加球队得分的可能性。



   The current head coach of Tianjin TEDA team Wang Baoshan used to be the head coach of Shenzhen Football Team. This year, Shenzhen Football Team introduced 11 former Tianjin Tianhai players. These players have played against Tianjin TEDA many times and are familiar with each other.


  Because Zhang Lu, the former national gate, has ended his suspension, he has completed registration beforehand and is eligible to play for the Shenzhen Football Club. Zhang Lu has been training with the team during the preparations for the league and the first stage of the game, and has had the opportunity to play in the warm-up match. He is qualified to play, and the deep foot goalkeeper position is more adequate, which enhances his competitiveness.


   Among the players who transferred from Tianjin Tianhai to Shenzhen Football Club, Zhang Yuan has become a standing candidate for U23 players. After Cruyff became the head coach of Shenzhen Football Club, Liu Yue also gradually got the opportunity to play, and Mi Haolun and Jiang Zhipeng rotated. Pei Shuai and Zheng Dalun, who transferred from Tianjin Tianhai to Shenzhen Football Club, also got some opportunities to play.


According to Cruyff’s recent training, defense is the key point. Cernas is scheduled with Dai Weijun and others in the midfield. The offensive end is equipped with Gao Lin, Mali, Sun Ke, Wang Yongpo, Zheng Dalun and others. The back hand of change. At the same time, the accuracy of the goal is also emphasized.


   Before leaving for Dalian, the Shenzhen Football Coach team completed a serious study and analysis of Tianjin TEDA. Cruyff said: "The team will go all out to play the game and strive to complete the season goal as quickly as possible."




Shenzhen Football Club, who arrived at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dalian Sports Center on the afternoon of the 13th, underwent a nucleic acid test under the arrangement of the Dalian Organizing Committee. That night, Shenzhen Football Club received the test results, and the team members had a negative nucleic acid test, and then the team entered The blue zone of Dalian Division.


   This time, the Shenzhen Football Club continued to live on the floor of the previous first stage. The team's bus has been parked in the hotel after the first stage. When the Shenzhen Football team returned to the Dalian competition area, everything seemed so familiar. The team and the reception staff of the hotel were already quite familiar, and they met again and greeted each other.


   The logistical support and competition preparation for the first stage of the league was very good. Despite the impact of the epidemic this year and the decrease in club investment compared to last year, the Shenzhen Football Club has maintained high efficiency in logistics support and competition preparations, which has been affirmed by the Kaisa Group, and the club's senior management has also received salary increases.


   It is worth mentioning that, in order to better logistical support, Shenzhen Football Group specially brought western chefs in the second stage of the league to cook western food for the team. This chef is the master of the canteen of the Shenzu base. His arrival can meet the dining needs of foreign teachers and foreign aid and better protect the team's combat effectiveness.


Judging from the investment of various clubs in the Super League this year, Shenzhen Football Club is one of the teams with the largest investment. After the senior management of the group proposed to complete the goal of relegation as quickly as possible, the team formulated relevant reward and punishment measures, as long as the fastest The team will be rewarded for completing the relegation goal. At the same time, before the departure, the Shenzhen Football Club announced the strictest team rules in history. Violators will directly initiate the termination clause.


The assembly call for the Shenzhen Football Fans Expedition to Dalian has also been sounded early. According to the Shenzhen Fans League fan "madman", nearly 100 Shenzhen fans have participated in the fan expedition to Dalian. The Shenzhen fan expedition will go to the scene for the ball. The team cheered.


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